Lipav Publishing offers more than 15 years of professional publishing experience to each client. LiPav Publishing represents a select pool of authors to the professional publishing industry. As a literary agency, our job is to negotiate and sell your manuscript to a publishing house that is experienced in your genre of book subject paying the highest advance and royalty.

LiPav Publishing upon entering into a contract will offer the following services:

  • Review book
  • Write a detailed proposal
  • Research publishers to find the best fit for your book
  • Mail proposal along with two to three chapters to select publisher

Once the publisher offers a contract, LiPav Publishing will assist in the following manner:

  • Shepherding the project to assure that all publisher deadlines are met.
  • Review manuscript to address any discrepancies between written work and the table of contents/book proposal.
  • Process payment advances and royalties (as outlined in contract).

Payment Structure

Lipav Publishing receives a percentage of royalties from each book once the manuscript is accepted and the author is provided with a signed publishing contract. No moneys are needed up front.

Free Offer

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Publish your book or e-book with the highest standard of excellence.

LiPav Publishing will publish your paper or e-book book utilizing expert editorial and design services. Fees include ISBN, professional editing, interior design, and book cover design. E-books will be available through Kindle, Nook, and other devices. Books will be available through the following online venues:

  • and other sites

Distribution services may include Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other select distributors.

Each book is unique. Please call for a customized quote.

Miscellaneous Services

Other service include the following:

  • Manuscript Review
  • Light Proofreading
  • Copyediting